Associate Professor Margaret McGill AM

My name is Marg McGill and I have been working in diabetes for 43 years!  I know you are probably thinking “how can she stay in the same job for such a long time?”  Well, it’s been an absolute pleasure because of the people involved and also because the diabetes landscape is constantly changing.  Keeping up with new medications such as Ozempic® and new technologies is challenging and rewarding as you see them benefit your patients. I have had the best career and opportunities to work all over Australia and around the world, especially when I was the senior vice president of the International Diabetes Federation.  The daily grind for people living with diabetes can be tough and my job has given me a huge amount of pleasure and satisfaction to meet and work with all these wonderful people and their families.  Now we have tools such as the The OzempicCare™ Patient Support Program that offers a broad range of help and support including the Ozempic® App, educational materials, individualised phone or face to face support and this website.

The OzempicCare™ website is a 17-week programme built around motivating behavioural change and supporting patients’ unmet needs in coping with diabetes distress, side effects and general disease management. It is based on modules that unfold weekly with chapters centred around your medicine (getting started, dosing etc), motivation, nutrition, being active and coping strategies. All of which are a great adjunct to assist all members of the diabetes team, especially the person with diabetes. The future is bright!